Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Image result for shooting of congress persons in Virginia

Violence on The Baseball field for Republican congress

Image result for shooting of congress persons in Virginia

We can only pray for this country as violence continues to be a pattern that is growing every day in America!
Image result for shooting of congress persons in Virginia Perhaps the nation can address some of  this violence by reducing the arms sales to our global community!!!

Image result for shooting of congress persons in Virginia
Let us continue to work toward Non violent solutions to this growing problem of violence in American culture.
We are change that we seek !!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

We have engaged in a time of unprecedented violence and suffering! The leadership of this global community is not aware of the frailty of these moments in humanities evolution. We mus prepare ourselves to weather the storms of greed and hatred that will fill the days ahead. Those of us who still think there will be peace must advocate that peace regardless of the persecution of our families and friends. We must not give in to the callus attitude of the hatemongers and self serving leaders who now seem to be in control.
The days will come where the sleeping minds of the people will awaken to a new and more profound purpose.
To let freedom ring throughout the land. We must bring forth that day!

Saturday, July 16, 2016


The pulse night club in Florida  
The shooting of Black men around this country
The Shootings of law enforcement officers in Dallas  and throughout this country.
The Attacks in Paris and in Turkey.
The conflicts in the middle-east and Africa
These are all examples of an dramatic increase in violence in this society and in the Global community.  We continue to respond to violence with violence and this will not solve the problem.
The escalation of this kind of violence is a normal response to conflict in post modern society. We cannot think that we can just blow them up and then they will go away. The violence has become a part of our Psyche  and means of understanding what is real in a neurotic milieu. The social construct has a mental health problem and unless we act quickly the every increasing violence will dismantle what is left of this society.
We must advocate for peace in a Dramatic fashion if this planet has any hope of finding PEACE!!
We must move toward a new and dramatic spiritual awakening for this global community.

When will it end? When we say no more Violence!

Pray for Peace in this Land and around the world!

Pulse night club victims!

Turkey military take over!!!
These events will continue to be a part of the reality within the global community until we take peacemaking serious.
.To all who desire peace pray for a Spiritual awakening!!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

It has happened Again! One of the worst mass shootings in American modern history! 
The use of violence in American society will continue to grow until we make peace a priority !!
This kind of violence will increase in America until we make peace our number one concern in this nation. 

The Obsession and fear of not ever having enough is driving the behavior of most of the members of this society. I would also suggest that it is the Western Europeans Obsession with and fear of not having enough materially that is at the root cause of this culture of Violence!  
Dr.Gregory A Jones Summer 2016

We must stop this growing culture of violence!

We must continue to work for peace before this culture of Violence consumes this entire Global community!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Paris Belgium and mass shootings in America.
The violence continues to escalate and the issues remain the same as we refuse to address the growth of violence around the global community!

We cannot stop violence with violence, someone has to be peacemakers!!!
We must continue to strive for peace , even at the risk of seeing  more violence . We must try to end the use of violence at all cost!


                          Belgium airport Bombing

Family and friends hold a candle light vigil on Hesston Road for shooting victim Brian Sadowsky outside the Excel Industries plant in Hesston, Kansas, on Feb. 26, 2015. A gunman killed three people and wounded at least 14 on Feb. 25, 2016. The shooter was killed by police. (Kyle Rivas/Getty Images)
Family and friends hold a candle light vigil on Hesston Road for shooting victim Brian Sadowsky outside the Excel Industries plant in Hesston, Kansas, ..

Six murdered
Wilkinsburg, Pa., March 10, 2016. (Photo: Michael Henninger, Pittsburgh ...

The carnage will continue until we address the brutality of our own culture of violence here in America!

America promotes a culture of violence and continues to condone the use of violence in response to difference.

A Raleigh police officer recently shot and killed an unarmed African American man during a foot chase Monday.
The incident happened in southeast Raleigh near to a business called PJ’s Grill and Groceries.
March 14th 2016



Monday, December 7, 2015

Violent confrontations rise in the nation and around the world.

As we increase our violent respond to the terrorist threats around the world violence grows in our nation.
Violence begets violence!!!

The past several weeks have been littered with violence in America.
We need to pay closer attention to the escalation of violence in this society. If you have been following this blog , you can see the increase in violent activity within this culture. There is a growing presence of violent activity that has become the norm in American culture.
We must see the urgency in addressing the growing violence in this society.

This young African American teen was shot sixteen times by law enforcement offices in the city of Chicago. The second volley of shots came after he was down on the ground.
This kind of excessive force reflects the problem we have in American culture. Violence is seen as the norm for the inner city. Young Men and women of color are being murdered every day in this nation!!!

Planned parenthood office is terrorized by this man who shot nine people and killed three.
The man accused of killing three people at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs made his first court appearance Monday, wearing a padded vest and standing with his eyes closed for parts of the hearing.
A judge advised Robert Lewis Dear, 57, that he's being held on suspicion of first-degree murder, a charge that could carry a minimum penalty of life in prison or a maximum penalty of death if he's convicted. The formal filing of charges in the case, and the next hearing for Dear, is set for December 9.

We continue to act as if these are inconsistent and sporadic incidents when it is clear that there is a pattern in the rise of violence in America. The peacemakers must act with urgency to address these concerns.

F.B.I. Treating San Bernardino Attack as Terrorism Case

As we ignore the violence in this nation more violence is evolving in our culture. The recent San Bernadino Shooting of fourteen people has begun to show the country that we must address the growth of violence in our nation and communities.
We must act to create a peaceful movement in this country before violence tears this nation apart.

We must learn how to be a non violent global community to address the growing use of violence in this nation and around the world.

If we are to respond as a Christian Nation we must stop using violence to answer every problem and concern that confronts us as a nation.

 The victims will continue to increase until we make peace a priority.!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The violence continues to soar as America is dying slowly from within. The absence of moral courage to address the issue of violence is america is tearing this country apart. Day after day we see tragedy and suffering yet are helpless to respond. We need to find our collective conscious and address this issue of violence before the country falls apart.

Twenty year old model murdered on side side of Chicago. These acts of violence will continue until we stand up against violence in this society!!!

We are the change that we seek!