Monday, June 30, 2014

fort hood massacres

Fort hood continues to be in the News for violent Crimes

Also consider the Sargent Bales and the murder of the Iraqi  civilians .

Consider the recent gun violence that has been a part of the American cultural landscape

Two policemen shot by couple in  LasVegas restaurant

PHOTO: Police officers Igor Soldo (left) and Alyn Beck were identified as the victims in a Las Vegas Shooting, June 8, 2014.

Oregon school shooting

The violence will increase until the nation takes a hard look at the entire culture of violent reprisal seriously.
We must recognize the error of supporting a violent social milieu.
The recent activity of the Isis community and the worlds response  can also be connected to this same mentality.

Nothing will change in this world until we learn how to end armed struggle and conflict.
We will continue to experience these events until the spiritual and mental  perspective of the society is Changed. We must learn how to use our spirit and mental ability to resolve conflicts.
This will not change anything in the Mideast!

We must find a different path to justice!
Guns and Drones will not solve anything.