Monday, December 7, 2015

Violent confrontations rise in the nation and around the world.

As we increase our violent respond to the terrorist threats around the world violence grows in our nation.
Violence begets violence!!!

The past several weeks have been littered with violence in America.
We need to pay closer attention to the escalation of violence in this society. If you have been following this blog , you can see the increase in violent activity within this culture. There is a growing presence of violent activity that has become the norm in American culture.
We must see the urgency in addressing the growing violence in this society.

This young African American teen was shot sixteen times by law enforcement offices in the city of Chicago. The second volley of shots came after he was down on the ground.
This kind of excessive force reflects the problem we have in American culture. Violence is seen as the norm for the inner city. Young Men and women of color are being murdered every day in this nation!!!

Planned parenthood office is terrorized by this man who shot nine people and killed three.
The man accused of killing three people at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs made his first court appearance Monday, wearing a padded vest and standing with his eyes closed for parts of the hearing.
A judge advised Robert Lewis Dear, 57, that he's being held on suspicion of first-degree murder, a charge that could carry a minimum penalty of life in prison or a maximum penalty of death if he's convicted. The formal filing of charges in the case, and the next hearing for Dear, is set for December 9.

We continue to act as if these are inconsistent and sporadic incidents when it is clear that there is a pattern in the rise of violence in America. The peacemakers must act with urgency to address these concerns.

F.B.I. Treating San Bernardino Attack as Terrorism Case

As we ignore the violence in this nation more violence is evolving in our culture. The recent San Bernadino Shooting of fourteen people has begun to show the country that we must address the growth of violence in our nation and communities.
We must act to create a peaceful movement in this country before violence tears this nation apart.

We must learn how to be a non violent global community to address the growing use of violence in this nation and around the world.

If we are to respond as a Christian Nation we must stop using violence to answer every problem and concern that confronts us as a nation.

 The victims will continue to increase until we make peace a priority.!!