Friday, October 24, 2008

Violence as a weapon of self interest

Violence and the quest for global sentience

There are two kinds of people who inhabit the earth. There are people who operate in a reality that reflects the products of self interest, material, and intellectual fabrication; and there are people who from the intimate caverns of their heart, operate in a reality of freedom and love for all life. There are no people who sit in the middle of this division of operation.

Both peoples are vexed by the inability to grow beyond the present violent reality within the world they inhabit. Both groups have not been able to claim the sentient intellect of a civilized global community. Each of these groups would strive to be “better” or more civilized as a people; however both still employ systems of violence to exist as a community.

The first group makes no pretense in their desire to control and dominate the reality they inhabit. The world they understand to be real is for their manipulation and use. All existence belongs to those who show the power, ability and desire to exploit everything in that reality. Anything that does not exist within the material reality is not worth their interest. Violence is a necessary tool to be used by those who need to control others that are contrary to their interest.

The other group recognizes that violence to life forms is an error in judgment, however the quality of life that they are accustomed to is Supported by the violent actions of first group. They face a seemly unanswerable quandary. To reject the actions of the first group is to cause issues and problems to arise in their own group.

Thus the simple solution has been to avoid any communication at this level with anyone but those who agree and understand these concerns.The time for silence has ended. These two groups of potential sentient life on this planet must communicate and remove the use of violence From human community.

Violence in Religious Tradtions

The Roots of violence in
Contemporary Religious faith development
On line course for 2008

This course seeks to expose the student to the theological dialogue surrounding violence and Christian faith development. The issue of reconciliation and non violence within the teachings of Jesus Christ versus the popular use of violence in the American cultural milieu will be explored and examined along with its connections to the institutional Christian faith community.

The use of violence will be contrasted to the contemporary development of the Christian traditions and our attempt to use violence as a redemptive process within the Christian faith.

I. The history of violence as a redemptive process overview

A. The origins of violence in ancient western mythological constructs.

1. Beowulf
2. Marduk
3. Gilgamesh

B. Examination of redemptive and compassionate religious belief systems.

1. Jesus Christ
2. Hindu
3. Native American
4. Buddhist traditions
5. Non aggressive social and cultural traditions in primitive culture.

{Students will use first contact in the online medium to investigate and share basic thoughts about violence and the use of violence to service interest Two weeks will be provided for personalcyber exchanges and interviews of the following:

a. Law enforcement
b. Clergy/religious traditions
c. Military
d. Educational institutions
e. Science and technology
f. State

{Each student must create a personal Blog regarding the subject matter and have internet exchanges for the duration of the course. The creation and blog log will be the tracking system for evaluation of the blogs daily.}

II. Contemporary use of violence in postmodern socialization processes.

(Final internet projects will include the on line research and discussion of the following topics)

A. Examination of media and retail market use of violence in western culture.
B. Violence in The Gaming industry and the impact on youth in western society
C. Comparisons and parallels of traditions of violence in Christian culture
D. The review of the principles of violence used in each of the institutions researched in the course.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Violence is in our DNA as a society

There has never been a time in the history of America where we did not consider the use of violence to meet our national interest. We have always been a violent nation. It is part of our make up as a society to use violence. We just want somebody else to do the deed for us. We allow violence to be a part of our reality because it selves our interest!!