Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We witness the murder of a peaceful Sikh community in the wake of another example of the use of violence to fuel hatred and fear in this culture!!
We need to address the ongoing issues with the use of small arms in this western culture as a means to enforce self interest and power with violence.
The religious communities across this nation must focus concern about the amount of small arms that are sold and distributed around this country and throughout the global community for profit .
 Walter Wink a popular christian theologian says our society believes that there is a need to use violence to make things better. The "Myth of redemptive violence" is what Wink calls this kind of thinking.
Wink suggested that this way of thinking about violence is seen as NORMAL! Wink also suggests that the use of violence in a redemptive and positive way to bring peace is DEMONIC!
We agree!
We must always see violence as wrong and never the answer with regard to civilized society or regarding a
civilized humanity.