Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The violence in our society continues..........consider  the Washington shootings!

We need to consider the implications of these shootings and our collective reliance on violence to solve problems in our society. we cannot dismiss the actions of these young people as abnormal when we agree to use violence as a way of solving social problems. These events will continue to escalate in our society until we make creating peace a main priority.

Gia Soriano, 14, died Sunday night, becoming the second victim of a shooting at a Seattle-area high school after a popular student opened fire on his classmates before taking his own life. Three other students are still hospitalized.

MARYSVILLE, Wash. — Gia Soriano, 14, died Sunday night, becoming the second victim of a shooting at a Seattle-area high school after a popular student opened fire on his classmates before taking his own life.
Gia was one of four critically injured teens taken to a local hospital Friday after high school freshman Jaylen Fryberg opened fire inside the cafeteria of Marysville-Pilchuck High School, killing one girl and injuring four others before dying of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
"We are devastated by this senseless tragedy. Gia is our beautiful daughter and words cannot express how much we will miss her," Gia's family said in a statement.
Shaylee Chuckulnaskit remains in critical condition, according to Joanne Roberts of the Providence Regional Medical Center Everett.
Of the wounded students, only 14-year-old Nate Hatch showed improvement though he remains in serious condition in intensive care at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. Andrew Fryberg, 15, is in critical condition in intensive care.

We must find our way back to a peaceful and productive existence in this culture. 
Please note how the Religious community is silent on these events. Since the Religious traditions in this and many other cultures support violence then there can be no response to this kind of suffering 

We must change and redirect our concerns to creating peace in this nation and around the World.

We must find a better way to solve these issues or the world will be lost to violence!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

 Terrorism begins with the experiences of Trauma and Violence among the Children .
We must teach peacemaking to the next generation. If the children experience violence then they grow up to will think Violence is the answer to their problems!

We must learn how to be peacemakers for the next generation or the forces of violence will continue to win over their lives to direct them to future violence.
Martin Luther King and Ralph Abernathy and their wives, Coretta and Juanita, lead a march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965, with the Abernathy children on the front line. (Wikimedia Commons/Abernathy Family)