Friday, December 31, 2010

Watch out for the trend in violence among religious community is Growing

We must be on the alert to the escalation of violence in religious community.
The hatred and anger among the so called loving religious communities is growing day by day. Religious communities are advocating hate and violence toward people different from their own. Those that do not advocate violence simply say "let those that are violent kill each other" which is as violent as doing the deed yourself.
We need a new consciousness that will awaken us to peace.
We must all advocate for peace as the only solution to a violent hate filled world.!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The new age of violence in western culture

The new age of violence in western culture suggests that there are nations that deserve to be eliminated just because they do not agree with the method of development that major industrial global communities reflect.
It seems that we are determined to be at war with
every one that does not agree with our notions of progress.
This means that we will be at war in the global community
for quite some time.

As we continue to grow into a urban global community conflict and resistance will rise and we will continue to attempt to solve problems by making every one act and be like us.
We will continue to empire build and we will always have communities that will resist becoming what we are.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The converging of violence in western culture

As America and the European Union continue to strive for dominance in global community,
we will see a growing use of violence to serve the traditional interest of these industrialized communities.
We will also see a pattern of the use of violence to serve the interest of all global industrial communities.
What is important here is the over used and error premise used to support the rationale for violence in these environments.
Until we begin to redefine our goals and objectives using more peaceful solutions violence in this global community will escalate.
The developing industrial communities have no choice but to copy the behaviors of the global leaders. To find peace in our time we must seek better and more peaceful solutions regarding our collective interest as human beings.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Avatar or the same old game.

we have to be very careful when we produce such films as the recent block buster Avatar.
Consider the age old story of the young recruit coming to the aid of the "Savages"
and falling in love with the native princess.
These plot lines are familiar if we only take a closer look at the patterns of neo colonial exploitation of other cultures for their minerals. From Blood Diamonds
to Three kings Holly wood is all about enforcing the notion that the natives need saving and the military training to use high technological weaponry to save the day.
We spread our violence through this kind of story line and we keep the "Savage" nations in the weapons market place looking for the next HALO HERO.