Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Violence increasing each day!

The latest reports show a increase in violence in American culture and society.
In just the last few days both civilian and law enforcement communities have be struck with tragic occurrences. Each of the communities reflect growth in the terror of violent response to the stresses of this culture and society.
We must begin to seriously consider the outcomes of this growth in violence and terror in our culture. We must not consider this activity as the normal behavior in American social structure.This is a uniquely pervasive response to a unusual time in our culture.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The use of violence must be brought to an end in this generation!

We are confronting a challenge that could potentially end all of life!
We must decide that we can no longer use violence to end or decide conflict of interest.
If we do not join together to end the violence in and around our planet. We will be confronted with the end of all life as we understand it.
The world is in a crisis of conscience. We must choose to be intelligent life that does no harm if we are to survive.