Friday, July 18, 2014

The present reality is clear! We are in a time when the thought of peace and a end to poverty is not the view of the majority of the people in this society!
Consider The Palestine war, immigration on our borders, and the issue of poor people in Detroit Michigan not having running water! We have loss our will to be compassionate! We must regain our spiritual footing if we are to see a end to this insanity! Palestinian children are being killed, children are being turned away back into violence from our borders and children's water are being turned off in this Christian nation.

Consider an airline full of passengers being shot down and we shrug our shoulders as if its just another day.
Let us consider the teachings of all the religious text and compare them to our collective actions in this society and around the world.
                                                                                    We continue to wonder why violence is so much a part of our world when we use violence each day to live in this society. Violence will not end in our cities until we stop the acceptance of the use of violence,  poverty  and suffering through our religious communities around the world.
In this blog I have attempted to address the escalation of violence and its acceptance  by mainstream culture. Through the years we have together watched the growth of this violence and the rapid decline of any sensitivity regarding the use of violence. Now I fear we are in a spiral of declining empathy regarding the suffering we see throughout the world. As we become desensitized to this growing violence we are losing our ability to respond to its overwhelming effect on our spiritual life. The spiritual self is losing ground to the individual obsession, to live in an technological fantasy world that induces apathetic self- absorption and hedonistic self serving behaviors. As we decline further into this virtual world, more violence will be required to maintain the illusions of normalcy. Look through this blog and notice the graduation of the use of violence since its creation. In just this brief time of this blog we can measure the expanded use of violence in the name of God, or right, or might, or just preference. We are facing the continued escalation of violence unless we become PEACE MAKERS! NOW! The alternative is obvious!