Friday, October 16, 2009

Violence will continue to be a constant reality in this culture.

Please understand this issue in American culture.
Violence will continue to be a part of our culture.
Violence will continue to increase and evolve in its sophistication in this society because this society uses the threat of violence and violence to acquire its interest. Please do not confuse the issue when you consider why there is so much violence in this culture .It is in fact a way of life and to some extent we celebrate the use of violence every day.
It will not stop until we review seriously our way of life and consider a fundamentally different way of interaction with regard to our individual and collective self interest.
Do not be surprised at the mob action within our urban schools like Fenger High.
That type of violence has been happening for a very long time.
The only reason why it getting the attention of the nation is because somebody put it on You Tube.
It was that violent when our president was living in Hyde Park and it is still that violent now that he is in the White house.
It is a systemic issue that will not change until we change.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The War Mentality in social construction

We must consider that there is a desire to create a conflict
mentality in our society. The recent success of Gladiatorial games like Ultimate Fighter and the hundreds of video games devoted to violence and destruction of the opponent has created a warrior caste within the western industrial society.
These individuals seek only to resolve conflict with violence.Peace making is seen as anti social. Athletes are also given the opportunity to express themselves in a violent nature.We have to also consider Foot Ball (American Version) and Basketball as possible expressions of violence in team play.

I know its hard to understand or believe but there are athletic competitions that have no physical contact or the contact is non violent.We must consider how our society is being socialized into violence!.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pray to the God you serve for global peace!

It is amazing that we can spend trillions of dollars on guns and bombs ,yet complain at the slightest attempt at peace in this world.
The war mongers in all of the so called major religions all bow to the Gods of war and we the great silent masses allow our children to be devoured by the the greed and injustice of a few psychotic people who are killing millions in the name of peace.
There is no other concern that is as important than the bringing to end the violence and conflict that shadows humanity in this broken facade called "civilization".

We ought to spend trillions on health care, food or housing the impoverished in this world,instead we buy bombs and guns and claim that violence is the only way to true peace in this world.
We cannot live in a world that is armed and fearful of one another.
We must demand peace in our lifetime before there is no world to live in.
All the world leaders need to begin to speak to one another about the only thing that matters PEACE!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Violence increasing each day!

The latest reports show a increase in violence in American culture and society.
In just the last few days both civilian and law enforcement communities have be struck with tragic occurrences. Each of the communities reflect growth in the terror of violent response to the stresses of this culture and society.
We must begin to seriously consider the outcomes of this growth in violence and terror in our culture. We must not consider this activity as the normal behavior in American social structure.This is a uniquely pervasive response to a unusual time in our culture.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The use of violence must be brought to an end in this generation!

We are confronting a challenge that could potentially end all of life!
We must decide that we can no longer use violence to end or decide conflict of interest.
If we do not join together to end the violence in and around our planet. We will be confronted with the end of all life as we understand it.
The world is in a crisis of conscience. We must choose to be intelligent life that does no harm if we are to survive.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Save the Babies

When will it end? When will the world learn that life is a precious and sacred thing within the multiverse.
Last week end several children were gunned down in the inner city of Chicago.
We can march all day and night and it will not stop this violence that seems to be rooted in our DNA. This violence is so pervasive that we no longer even consider living in the world without violence!!

I refuse to accept that we were created for this kind of mayhem and havoc.
We are not animals to devour one another but divine instruments given to creativity and celebration.
I refuse to be assimilated into a culture that respects things more than human life It is less than human and selfish. I pray for the suffering and pain of the families in the time of their lost.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We use violence to make other cultures conform to our self interest.

We need to recognize how this culture of violence that we live in and promote
creates a pattern of behavior for the global community.
Watch how we will retreat from the campaign promises and reset our agenda with an agenda to meet the standard of violence in this culture.
There is a deep seated and pervasive nature to the use of violence as it is related to self interest. We are no different than the war mongers within other cultures.
We just "throw the rock and hide our hand". We participate in violence like all the rest.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Gaza strip is another example of violence in Religious history

We do not have to wait very long for examples surrounding violence to be presented to global community.
The killing of the people of Palestine and Israel is another example of the need for religious communities to win and lose through the use of violence.
What would Jesus do is just a way of deferring the truth about these nations. We cannot offer resolution without destruction violence and suffering.
To consider peace with the use of force is not within the global Religious communities cognitive ability.