Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Teachings of Christ and the celebration of Murder

We cannot claim to follow the teachings of a peaceful God (Jesus Christ) and
celebrate the murder of anyone!
If we claim to be a peaceful nation and use violence and murder to serve our self interest then we counterfeit the claim to be followers of a peaceful God. This reflects a very serious flaw in our ethical principles and will indicate to all that the use of violence and murder is okay.
To celebrate the death and suffering of any human being is contrary to most religious traditions. These moments of gleeful jubilant celebration will impact negatively on the entire global community. This is NOT a joyful moment in human history.
It is a regression to perhaps Global conflict.
Until we learn how to create and then celebrate peaceful outcomes to conflicts of interest we are still in the stone age of our evolution as human beings.
We should all pray for peace.