Saturday, October 22, 2011

Murder and violence in Libya

We cannot condone murder and violence and still claim we are a Christian nation!!
These deaths and acts of violence will come back and haunt the nation!
We cannot pursue our interest through violence and conflict.
We must at least attempt to follow the principles of peace and humanitarian efforts that are in alignment with our religious convictions.
To do any thing less is A denial of our religious claims and belief system!
Violence in any form and for any reason is harmful to ALL!

The Fall of wall street and the rise of discontent among the people.

People will continue to struggle against violence and greed in this society and around the world!!
to exploit the poor is a vicious act of violence carried on in a religious mind set that idolizes self interest and personal gain at the expense of others.

Please pay close attention to the Wall street demonstrations. clearly this is a movement that will continue to grow as the country sinks into to more violence and economic chaos!!