Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why do we need to control and destroy what we do not understand?

It seems that mankind has a history of using violence to address what he cannot understand or control. Why do we use violence to solve problems? Why are we always willing to hurt one another if we disagree?

Religious traditions and violence

We are a people who have been a part of a violent and aggressive religious tradition.
It was not until the advent of Christ that we have had an option beyond violence.
We must begin to consider how has this history of violence in our religious traditions affected how we see and understand the reality that surrounds us. We challenge the reader to enter into a conversation about the nature of violence and its use in religious tradition.

We need you to resond to this attempt to dismantle the horrific impact violence has had on our world. We must start at the foundation of its influnce within our religious communities..

Join us on this journey toward global peace.