Friday, October 24, 2008

Violence as a weapon of self interest

Violence and the quest for global sentience

There are two kinds of people who inhabit the earth. There are people who operate in a reality that reflects the products of self interest, material, and intellectual fabrication; and there are people who from the intimate caverns of their heart, operate in a reality of freedom and love for all life. There are no people who sit in the middle of this division of operation.

Both peoples are vexed by the inability to grow beyond the present violent reality within the world they inhabit. Both groups have not been able to claim the sentient intellect of a civilized global community. Each of these groups would strive to be “better” or more civilized as a people; however both still employ systems of violence to exist as a community.

The first group makes no pretense in their desire to control and dominate the reality they inhabit. The world they understand to be real is for their manipulation and use. All existence belongs to those who show the power, ability and desire to exploit everything in that reality. Anything that does not exist within the material reality is not worth their interest. Violence is a necessary tool to be used by those who need to control others that are contrary to their interest.

The other group recognizes that violence to life forms is an error in judgment, however the quality of life that they are accustomed to is Supported by the violent actions of first group. They face a seemly unanswerable quandary. To reject the actions of the first group is to cause issues and problems to arise in their own group.

Thus the simple solution has been to avoid any communication at this level with anyone but those who agree and understand these concerns.The time for silence has ended. These two groups of potential sentient life on this planet must communicate and remove the use of violence From human community.


Counsel said...

Its our god given right to fight for our self interest in this world.
You will not last long in this world being peaceful.
It is the law of the jungle. Only the strong will survive here.
Violence is how we sort out the weakness in our society.

Counsel said...

God has not given you the right to hurt other life on this earth.
We have reverted to that action through our own greed and selfish behavior.