Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pray to the God you serve for global peace!

It is amazing that we can spend trillions of dollars on guns and bombs ,yet complain at the slightest attempt at peace in this world.
The war mongers in all of the so called major religions all bow to the Gods of war and we the great silent masses allow our children to be devoured by the the greed and injustice of a few psychotic people who are killing millions in the name of peace.
There is no other concern that is as important than the bringing to end the violence and conflict that shadows humanity in this broken facade called "civilization".

We ought to spend trillions on health care, food or housing the impoverished in this world,instead we buy bombs and guns and claim that violence is the only way to true peace in this world.
We cannot live in a world that is armed and fearful of one another.
We must demand peace in our lifetime before there is no world to live in.
All the world leaders need to begin to speak to one another about the only thing that matters PEACE!

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