Friday, October 16, 2009

Violence will continue to be a constant reality in this culture.

Please understand this issue in American culture.
Violence will continue to be a part of our culture.
Violence will continue to increase and evolve in its sophistication in this society because this society uses the threat of violence and violence to acquire its interest. Please do not confuse the issue when you consider why there is so much violence in this culture .It is in fact a way of life and to some extent we celebrate the use of violence every day.
It will not stop until we review seriously our way of life and consider a fundamentally different way of interaction with regard to our individual and collective self interest.
Do not be surprised at the mob action within our urban schools like Fenger High.
That type of violence has been happening for a very long time.
The only reason why it getting the attention of the nation is because somebody put it on You Tube.
It was that violent when our president was living in Hyde Park and it is still that violent now that he is in the White house.
It is a systemic issue that will not change until we change.

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uzoma said...

Violence is the effect of a pathology that is at the core of American culture. The nation itself was founded on violence, so it should be no surprise to anyone that acts of violence are growing more frequent and intense.

It is easy for many fo us to call it simply a "gang" or "drug" problem, but the truth is that most often disputes are between family members, friends, or acquaintances. I think this notion of some "gang" causing the problem allows the rest of us to shield ourselves from responsibility, as a result of our acceptance. If we stop and think, the best selling movies, the highest rated TV shows, as well as the best-selling live events usually have violence, humiliation, or some other form of degradation as the theme.

Many of us have been fortunate enough to gain sufficient economic resources to physically escape these areas. Yet, as violent incidents become more highly publicized in middle-class, and affluent areas, fewer of us can escape the reality.

As our nation continue to occupy two sovereign nations by force to "spread democracy and freedom" by the barrel of a gun, we send a clear message to our youth as it pertains to conflict resolution. At the end of the day, the major distinction is a uniform and a flag.