Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The increase in violence will continue

Sandy hook, Boston marathon, the resin mailings will all continue until we begin to recognize that violence is not the answer to the problems that we share!
It is sad but inevitable that we will continue to see a increase in violent activity in this country and around the world. The global community will continue to suffer and struggle with the escalation of violence in all cultures until someone decides that there must be another answer to the problems we face.
The world is too full of hate and frustration to continue in the direction of violent confrontation.
There has to be a better answer than hurting one another.
Key to this problem is the lack of response from religious community.
We are a part of the escalation of violence in the world and we continue to ride the tsunami of violent trends with anemic responses to the growing issue of out of control violence in our communities.
The religious communities must act for peace and end the growing culture of violence.
 this new face of terror is becoming  the reality for all cultural communities. 
Time is running out !

What ever you believe in or if you do not believe in anything ,you should have evolved to a point in your existence to understand the complete failure of violence.
Give peace a chance!

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