Saturday, July 18, 2015

First the Charleston nine then the Chattanooga four. Remember the issue of violence escalating as the nation turns an deaf ear to gun control and peace making. We cannot continue to have business as usual in this nation until we address the issue of violence on a real time agenda in this nation and around the world. Religious communities must take the lead in this historic turning point in civilization.
Image result for charleston nine murders
Charleston nine murdered

and the killer.  

Image result for chattanooga murders 2015 the four marines murdered,

and their killer.

This pattern of violence is an civilization ending event crisis. We need to address this concern Now.
For religious community not to address violence as an apocalyptic patterned issue that rejects and denies the  the very presence and essence of creation is tantamount to denying the very essence of the power and intelligence of God as creator. The destruction of the planet will follow the escalation of violence in the Global community. We cannot claim civilized society and use this kind of behavior to resolve conflicts.

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