Saturday, July 16, 2016


The pulse night club in Florida  
The shooting of Black men around this country
The Shootings of law enforcement officers in Dallas  and throughout this country.
The Attacks in Paris and in Turkey.
The conflicts in the middle-east and Africa
These are all examples of an dramatic increase in violence in this society and in the Global community.  We continue to respond to violence with violence and this will not solve the problem.
The escalation of this kind of violence is a normal response to conflict in post modern society. We cannot think that we can just blow them up and then they will go away. The violence has become a part of our Psyche  and means of understanding what is real in a neurotic milieu. The social construct has a mental health problem and unless we act quickly the every increasing violence will dismantle what is left of this society.
We must advocate for peace in a Dramatic fashion if this planet has any hope of finding PEACE!!
We must move toward a new and dramatic spiritual awakening for this global community.

When will it end? When we say no more Violence!

Pray for Peace in this Land and around the world!

Pulse night club victims!

Turkey military take over!!!
These events will continue to be a part of the reality within the global community until we take peacemaking serious.
.To all who desire peace pray for a Spiritual awakening!!!

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